Welcome! from the chairperson

If someone were to tell me last fall, the Hospital Gala and the Car rally for 2020 would be cancelled I would have asked them to wake up as that is just not possible. Well the reality is both have been cancelled, we continue to be in a pandemic and more than ever protect ourselves, our families and community from any spread of Covid-19.  I would be lying if I said that the Hospital Foundation has not been  affected by the pandemic.


Our fundraising dollars are down but the needs of the community has not changed and we continue to rely on our health care professionals and hospital to be prepared and ready when we need them most. 2021 will see celebrations that bring us together once again, share stories and perhaps more than anything appreciate what we have with those around us. Please keep your Hospital and Foundation in your thoughts,  and if possible, donating  any amount is very much appreciated.

Thank you and stay safe.






April 2021
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