LMHF needs your support for the 'CT Scanner'!

A CT Scanner takes pictures through 360 degrees around a patient’s body and transforms it into a series of cross-sectional slices.  A CT Scanner is vital for diagnosing suspected cancers, serious head injuries, thoracic or abdominal problems as well as stroke, organ function and cardiovascular  disease.  Recent advancements include decreased radiation dose,  improved 3D visualization and increased speeds allowing for cardiac imaging.  Help us to ensure:

· Our local hospital is equipped with the latest generation of diagnostic imaging tools.  

·  CT technology is available locally to reduce unnecessary travel for the sickest of  patients. 

· Our cancer patients no longer need to travel far from home to obtain the necessary imaging for their treatment.

·  Our trauma or accident victims have the necessary equipment to diagnose the extent and type of injuries with quickly and minor discomfort (travelling).   


New physician recruitment will be enhanced!  Help us save lives!  Please donate to the 'CT Scanner'!




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LMHF 'Steppin Out' Spring Gala 2017 'ALOHA'

Our main appeal for funds in support of our Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation in 2017 will, once again, be the Spring Gala Evening.  It will be held at the Elma Community Centre on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. Our planning committee has a fabulous dress-up evening planned for you - this year's theme being "ALOHA".     As in previous years, you will be swept off your feet from the time of arrival until your departur...

learn more about the LMH FOUNDATION...
The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation was incorporated in 1989 as a not-for-profit charitable organization.  The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors that represent the people of Listowel and surrounding communities.  The sole purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds for the benefit of our local health care system.  The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation is a separate corporation designed to manage funds that are donated or bequeathed to the Listowel Memorial Hospital.   Limited government funding is not sufficient to provide all the required equipment, technology, services and programs.  The funds must come for the people who use the services of the local health care system and the Foundation is here to facilitate that giving, purchasing of new equipment/technology, replacing existing equipment and helping to fund programs.   The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation is here for you today and will continue...

Welcome! from the chairperson
The month of September marks a very important time for LMH - the kick-off of our CT Scan Fundraising Campaign.  Thi...